Should I Paint My House Before I Sell It?

How to Stage My Home During the Holidays

What if the home is finally ready to be sold between November and December, the heart of the holiday season? Should all of the holiday decorations be showcased this year? Perhaps not all. 

The same rules apply to holiday staging. Keep things neat, clean, decluttered and depersonalized. Likewise, keep the themes simple and color schemes neutral. The goal is for the buyer to see their own items in place of yours. 

Curb appeal is still extremely important. Do your blow up props flatten into lifeless piles when the air is turned off during the day? Will the buyer question the fastenings for strings of lights attached to the house? Perhaps, these are better left in the box until next year. Instead, consider simple porch decorations and a tasteful wreath for the entry door. 

Holiday decorations inside your home should be minimal. Personalized ornaments and decorations should not come out this year. Instead, create a cozy ambiance with neutral throw blankets for your furniture and small arrangements on tables and mantles. Also note, the base of a large Christmas tree can make a room feel small. Instead, consider purchasing a small to medium potted tree this year.  

How to Prepare My Home for Sale Showings When the Weather is Wet

On a practical note, we need rain and hopefully will see a wet Winter. That means people will be coming into your home with wet coats, shoes, umbrellas and the like. Have a rug, coat rack and umbrella stand ready. Provide chairs for the easy removal and replacement of shoes and shoe covers if acceptable. These simple additions will help the buyer decompress and become ready to look at your home.

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