Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it can feel a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the right information. Check out these helpful resources about the home buying process. When you’re ready, call or text Anne at (707) 849-5589 | Michael at (707) 849-5589 to tour available homes in the Sonoma County, Cloverdale and Santa Rosa areas.

Interest Rate Buydowns for Home Buyers

interest rate buydowns woman standing by percentage sign and man standing by calculator which has point 5 showing half percent interest rate buydown

Interest rate buydowns can be used to entice home buyers to purchase homes even while the rates are increasing dramatically. Rate reductions can be purchased by buyers, sellers, lenders, agents or a mix of all of the above.

Mobile Home in Park – Buy Home, Rent Space

Manufactured Homes lined up along a street in a mobile home park intended for buyers not tenants

Mobile Homes in Parks Offer Affordable Alternatives to Buyers (and Renters Turned Buyers) Buyer’s aren’t typically excited when I mention mobile homes, especially if they are in a mobile home park. Not surprising to me though, mobile home parks are updating quite nicely. So, I sometimes suggest this option. Occasionally, my buyer clients agree to … Continued

Sellers Pay for Home Inspections

Buyers used to pay for inspections. However, that trend has shifted. Now, listing agents want sellers to give all the facts to buyers up front. A well informed buyer can make better decisions. Likewise, informed buyers write better offers. Bottom line, sellers want to know they will close with the cash promised at the beginning … Continued

What’s Growing in Your Gutter?

Have you looked in your gutters lately? Probably not. Gutters are not exactly in the line of sight. Lucky for me, I was standing on the deck of a rental property we were pulling into service. Because the house was on built on a hillside, it stood one story above the garage. From the front … Continued

Interest Rates are Going Up

Interest Rates are Rising Over the last couple years, we have enjoyed EXCELLENT loan rates. These rates have translated into increased purchasing power, allowing buyers to increase offers, winning the homes of their dreams. So, how do higher interest rates really impact buyers? Well, imagine you are a buyer. In February you qualified for a … Continued

Cloverdale 2021 Housing Numbers

Demand for housing was up in 2021 Demand for housing was up, with 195 homes sold in 2021. Compare that to 141 homes sold in 2020 and 137 homes that sold in 2019. Housing inventory was low in Cloverdale, California Even with the increase in the number of homes sold in 2021, inventory was low … Continued

Real Estate Purchase Agreement New in 22′

As much as I would love to share Cloverdale’s 2021 housing market stats, all of the numbers aren’t available at the time of this writing. Please look for the report in the February issue of Cloverdale Connect. In the meantime, I’d like to share some very important news when it comes to buying or selling … Continued

When Do I Get My Keys?

You’re Almost There Oftentimes, after the buyers go into the escrow office to sign, they ask me questions like, “When do I get my keys?” and “When can we move in?” If you are a buyer, chances are you have had these questions. These are good questions because by this time nearly 30 days have … Continued