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Beautiful Downtown Courtyard with Great Retail Potential

The courtyard in lovely downtown Cloverdale has great retail potential. Located near the plaza, shops, eateries and more

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106 Plumeria has gorgeous light fixtures in the entry, kitchen, dining area, and living room

106 Plumeria Cloverdale – Beautiful Light Fixtures

Beautiful light fixtures are a showstopper in this Del Webb home. Text Anne 707.245.6090 to schedule a private viewing.

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interest rate buydowns woman standing by percentage sign and man standing by calculator which has point 5 showing half percent interest rate buydown

Interest Rate Buydowns for Home Buyers

Interest rate buydowns can be used to entice home buyers to purchase homes even while the rates are increasing dramatically. Rate reductions can be purchased by buyers, sellers, lenders, agents or a mix of all of the above.

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Get To Know Anne Miserlian Baker and Michael Miserlian

Why Use Anne Miserlian Baker as Your Real Estate Agent?

Anne Miserlian Baker has been licensed in California Real Estate since 1993. What makes her an expert is her dedication to understanding the intricacies of the residential real estate sale.

Because she has the intention of caring for and being available to her clients, Anne has been adamant about internalizing solutions as obstacles have arisen in her past real estate transactions. Consequently, she sees herself as an integral partner to all who entrust their sale or purchase to her and follow her advice.

Anne has helped hundreds of clients through her experiential knowledge and commitment to seeing the sale through to closing.

Why Use Michael Miserlian as Your Real Estate Agent?

Michael Miserlian has owned multiple homes and rental properties. He has a knack for finding a good investment. Now, with Anne, his wife, Michael is able to utilize his experience to help others do the same.

When asked if he likes working with his wife, Michael explained “I always wanted to be more involved in real estate investing and this gives me the outlet to do that. I love working with my wife. She’s good with the contracts and its fun to learn from her. I love everything about real estate. I love the people and the houses.”

Mentored by Real Estate Broker Timothy Toye

Mentored by one of the best broker’s in California, Timothy Toye, Anne knows what questions to ask, listens to her clients answers, and helps them understand the result of their decisions before they put it on the contract.

“In 2006, I watched the California builders’ market collapse as the contractors I served lost their final draws from otherwise reputable banks as they began the process of closing their doors,” Anne explained, “By 2008, I realized that I needed more. I had seen sellers make decisions that I wished I could have convinced them not to make. But how? How does an agent help a seller see the imminent future their current decisions will convey?”

Anne remembered, “I had seen Timothy sell over a hundred transactions a year so I figured he must know how to help sellers make tough decisions they didn’t want to make. I found that I was right and I’m very happy that I chose Timothy Toye as my broker and my mentor for the ten years that I worked for him.  I now know how to help sellers and buyers see the future of each decision, with it’s various consequences. I help my clients make informed decisions.”

Meet the Broker and Her Husband

Anne Miserlian Baker obtained her broker’s license in 2014 and now owns and operates Miserlian Baker Real Estate with her husband Michael Miserlian. Together they are building a business in Downtown Cloverdale, with the intent purpose of being accessible to their clients.

They welcome you to drop into their sales and property management office and see what they’ve done to the “old gas station property” at 324 N Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA 95425.

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