Interest Rate Buydowns for Home Buyers

interest rate buydowns woman standing by percentage sign and man standing by calculator which has point 5 showing half percent interest rate buydown

Interest rate buydowns can be used to entice home buyers to purchase homes even while the rates are increasing dramatically. Rate reductions can be purchased by buyers, sellers, lenders, agents or a mix of all of the above.

Mobile Home in Park – Buy Home, Rent Space

Manufactured Homes lined up along a street in a mobile home park intended for buyers not tenants

Mobile Homes in Parks Offer Affordable Alternatives to Buyers (and Renters Turned Buyers) Buyer’s aren’t typically excited when I mention mobile homes, especially if they are in a mobile home park. Not surprising to me though, mobile home parks are updating quite nicely. So, I sometimes suggest this option. Occasionally, my buyer clients agree to … Continued

Rentals Are in High Demand

several possible renters hands raised with the winning applicants raised higher

People call or walk into our office every couple of days asking if we have any rentals. Occasionally the answer is, “Yes.” However, more often the answer is, “We just rented our last home.” Followed by, “We are always looking for more rentals so please keep an eye on our website.” Remarkably, we have so … Continued

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance Over my many years of being a property manager, there are few things I find as valuable to tenants as renter’s insurance. When I was a renter, I ALWAYS had it. Though it sounds expensive, it really isn’t. With a cost of roughly $200 a year, it’s less than $20 a month. Some … Continued

Sellers Pay for Home Inspections

Buyers used to pay for inspections. However, that trend has shifted. Now, listing agents want sellers to give all the facts to buyers up front. A well informed buyer can make better decisions. Likewise, informed buyers write better offers. Bottom line, sellers want to know they will close with the cash promised at the beginning … Continued

What’s Growing in Your Gutter?

Have you looked in your gutters lately? Probably not. Gutters are not exactly in the line of sight. Lucky for me, I was standing on the deck of a rental property we were pulling into service. Because the house was on built on a hillside, it stood one story above the garage. From the front … Continued

Interest Rates are Going Up

Interest Rates are Rising Over the last couple years, we have enjoyed EXCELLENT loan rates. These rates have translated into increased purchasing power, allowing buyers to increase offers, winning the homes of their dreams. So, how do higher interest rates really impact buyers? Well, imagine you are a buyer. In February you qualified for a … Continued

How to Stage My Home to Sell

Should I Paint My House Before I Sell It? How to Stage My Home During the Holidays What if the home is finally ready to be sold between November and December, the heart of the holiday season? Should all of the holiday decorations be showcased this year? Perhaps not all.  The same rules apply to … Continued